Going Back in Time Black & White special collection .

When I started collage many years ago now , I spent many happy hour's in the dark . Yes my dark room became my second home . To place my negertives into my spiral and develope it was so exciting . And also very nerve racking.

If I did not get an image on my roll of negative. I was in trouble , Thankfully this never happened to me in the 12 years I spent developing all my own films and prints .

Having worked in photography retail, and a photographic lab for 8 year's, keep me up to date with all the developing produces I needed.

Plus all the changes that took place to move on with the times  . So Yes I was sad to see Digital technology evolve ,  However It was inevitable that this was going to happen.

So out with the old and in with the new , But has you can see Black & white is still very much the love of my life .I have spent many year's developing my very own techinique in the digital age .

One in which no one eles knows about . Has a passion of mine I still beleave Black & White is just so romantic with a Darmatic twist.

Please Let's not forget our fellow Photographys from years passed that played such a large part in this special way of taking a picture . 

And keep it alive .